I am Angela Mitchell. I have been intrigued by all things energy based and mystical every since my parents taught me yoga and meditation as a child. I study the build up of energy from earth into our bodies and how it flows into the universe.

When I work, I am totally immersed in the afterthought, how it will affect the person receiving it, how it feels and how it will feel. I enjoy light strokes to bring the sensation of vibration and bold deep impressions to bring emotions to surface.

My inspiration comes from dreams, meditations, nature, images in my mind to anything that catches my eye. Sometimes it sticks in my mind gently teasing it until the idea is ready for the canvas and other times it  pushes me to work at it straight away. 

My pieces range from visual meditation pieces which have a strong vibration aimed at bringing a positive relaxation feel to the viewer, to animals, moon energy series to faces. I am fascinated by eyes especially as they are the windows into our soul and our very being. I feel drawn to eyes – the colour, depth, shape, patterns and reflections. You see some of it in my very raw earthy pieces of  Goddesses.

I really enjoy vibrant colours, bold statements and a sense of mystery when it comes to my abstracts. I never plan them, in fact I am often guided as to the colours to pick and then I will let my subconscious mind take over and let my hands guide me. The results are often textured, deep and very mesmerising with movement. You will find something new every time you see it.

I trained at the Saito Academy of Graphic Design in Malaysia in fine art, photography and graphic. As this was the time before computer design, everything was done manually and my foundation was in fine art. My medium then was air brushing, oil pastels and charcoal. I didn’t graduate as I was 10mins late for my final show due to a road accident and I was told I would need to pay for the entire semester to be able to be judged. I refused based on principle as I had a valid reason for being late and it was 10mins! . I was very passionate about my art and decided this was not my path. It was a difficult time for graphic designers and although I had a brilliant offer of a job, my father decided it was not the right job because it was too far away from home. I couldn’t find any other art related jobs so I took a position in a hotel which led into journalism. I enjoyed being a news reporter for over 9 years and then moved to Sweden and then eventually to the UK.