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My friend Annie recently hosted a big house warming party at her house after several long months of renovations and hardwork.  I went through a list of things to buy as a present. Then it hit me as I went to pick up my very first giclee prints from the printer, that she would appreciate a very personal gift – the Petulant Peacock! The plan then went into action. My local framers helped to narrow down a classic and elegant frame and mount. I decided on a darker mount for this as I wanted it to contrast against the gold frame. It gave the peacock a very opulent yet very contemporary feel. To say I was excited was an understatement! On the day of the party I handed over the present and within minutes of peeling the wrapping paper away from the frame, she gave me the biggest and warmest hug ever! She was really touched by the gesture. I was really pleased and even more so when nearly all of the guest at the party complimented me on the painting that evening. So here it is then….my dear friend Annie is the owner of the very 1st giclee print of the peacock! I am going to try to take a picture of my buyers or keep a gallery of them with the paintings as much as possible. I am very passionate about my art and would love to look back and remember who has a piece of my heart in years to come.

Angela (right) with Annie and the Petulant Peacock

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